Some Tips for Adding Privacy to Your Yard

Are you looking for ideas to help make your yard space feel more private and protected? Here are some tips to help you create some privacy in outdoor spaces at home.

For most homeowners, your house is a safe space where you can relax after a long day at work. It’s a place for entertaining friends, enjoying family traditions, and creating loving memories. It’s a given that you will often want to do these things privately, without strangers or neighbours gawking into your personal business so it’s important to ensure you have created a private, protected area.

Ideally, your backyard should be a peaceful place – somewhere to unwind and enjoy your time privately. If your backyard is lacking in privacy, here are some simple tips to make your outside spaces feel more secluded and secure.

Adding a canopy or shade to your deck

Shielding your deck or entertaining space with a canopy is a highly effective way to block out busybodies prying eyes. This will be perfect if you live near apartments or houses that are higher than your own, as then they won’t be able to look down into your yard. As well as privacy reasons, a canopy will also help to keep the sun off you and your friends when outside. It will also protect your outdoor furniture, as the sun can fade those over time.

Modular walls

Undoubtedly, a fence is the best way to create a literal wall of privacy between your household and the rest of the world. If privacy is something you highly value, our recommendation would be to build a modular wall. As well as looking incredibly stylish – the walls are fashioned to resemble masonry brick – they are also soundproof. Not only does this block out external noises like construction, traffic, people’s voices, music, and the like, but it also helps filter your internal noises. If you’ve got an eavesdropping neighbour, they’ll struggle to hear anything you’re saying.

Modular walls need to be built up to approximately two metres high to eliminate sound pollution effectively. This is probably the height you would want your fence to be at anyway, to give you that sense of privacy in your yard. As well as the soundproofing features, modular walls are incredibly sturdy, low maintenance and affordable. Jim’s Fencing offers free no-obligation quotes and will be able to discuss with you if a modular fence is right for your home.


Strategically planting large shrubbery is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of

concealing weak points in your boundary line and adding privacy. Not only will they up the oxygen levels in your yard, but they’ll also help to shield your family from errant neighbours – those two factors are going to create a very peaceful environment for you.

Growing plants or positioning vines to grow over fences can be an effective way to create more privacy, depending on what sort of fencing you have installed. If you have chosen to install a modular wall, this is a solid fence that nobody can look through, so you won’t need to utilise plants as much. However, if you go for a slat fence or another style that has gaps in, your plants will be your biggest ally in blocking people from seeing through the said gaps and into your yards.

Privacy screens

Privacy screens are semi-detached panels that consist of 35° angled slats that offer an obstructed view from the outside looking in. Because of the way they’re designed, they also prevent you from seeing anything below eye level, which is considerate of your neighbour’s privacy. They’re commonly used on windows, but they can also be utilised in your yard. They can be used as screens in front of pools, BBQ areas, decks and patios. As well as privacy, they also help to filter harsh sun rays and wind. For pool fencing installation Jim’s Fencing is the best option.


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