Have you explored the possibility of having two homes on one land title? What are the advantages of considering having a single title for two properties? Here’s what you need to know.


Investors can make a great success of purchasing large blocks of land to subdivide, essentially creating two or more properties out of one. Land sizes are getting smaller and smaller as people look for new ways to build in popular areas, so buyers are unlikely to be put off by a subdivided property.

Is it Possible to Have Two Homes on One Title In Australia 2022

There is another way to build multiple residences on one block, and the other is to develop or extend to create a dual occupancy home. Despite sounding the same, there is actually a difference between these terms, and the difference can affect your ability to sell, the rates you pay and the cost of the build.


Is it possible to have two properties on one title?

A dual occupancy property refers to a block of land that has one title but two dwellings. These dwellings can be detached, built with a shared wall, or constructed of a main house plus an added-on residence. Some examples of dual occupancy dwellings are:

  • Where a large home is subdivided to make two separate dwellings without changing the home’s outside structure, the two ‘sections’ can live independently under the same roof.
  • A granny flat is constructed adjoining the property. Each dwelling has separate living, kitchen and bathroom areas but is still attached.
  • A property with a carport area that has been transformed into a separate apartment.


With this kind of arrangement, investors and homeowners can transform part of their home or property into a separate dwelling to allow for tenants. Alternatively, it is a great arrangement for homeowners with adult children or elderly relatives living in the home. Contact Property Conveyancing Brisbane


What are the benefits of a dual occupancy property?

These types of living arrangements give investors freedom and flexibility while maximising potential returns on the land value.

Is it Possible to Have Two Homes on One Title In Australia 2022

By building on or renovating your home to include a dual occupancy residence, you can stay in your home and still see profit from housing a paying tenant. You create an income stream without the added cost of subdividing the land, which would mean paying two sets of land rates. Even if you decide to move out and lease both halves of the property, you still benefit from the single land rate.


If you are a buyer looking to purchase a dual occupancy property, you also save on:

  • Stamp duty;
  • Holding costs;
  • Insurance premiums; and
  • Council rates


On top of all those immediate advantages, dual occupancy residence owners will also benefit from higher tax depreciation on their investment. Not only are you making the most of your block, but you’re also investing in future earnings. This is also where the savings on insurance come into play, as you will only require one policy across the two dwellings.


That’s why dual occupancy residence ownership is increasingly seen as a high-yield financial option. Owning a dual occupancy residence translates in basic terms as retaining two individual homes on the one block, offering the potential of a dual income across the single plot of increasingly valuable land. Because of this, one of the most significant financial advantages of holding a dual occupancy residence is that you can also live in one of the dwellings while still placing the other on the rental market. This will, of course, bring in a steady income flow while halving maintenance fees.


If you’re in the process of building or buying a dual occupancy residence, always seek the assistance of a reliable property conveyancer. Jim’s Property Conveyancing Melbourne has offices in Melbourne and  Property Conveyancing Brisbane and can provide you with comprehensive advice and assistance moving through your property transaction. Phone us on 13 15 46 for more information.



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