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Five Tips for Better Home Security in 2021

One of the biggest changes since the Covid-19 pandemic began has been the increase in the numbers of people working from home. For some people, increased work flexibility has been a great boon, while others miss going into their offices, but for everyone who now works from home, it has changed we live. In terms of the physical setup of our home, allocating space for a home office has become important and, now that we are spending more time at home, people are putting more thought into ensuring their home setup is comfortable and secure.

 The Covid-19 pandemic has turned working from home into the new normal; since its onset, many office workers have transferred valuable technological equipment from secure office locations and into their homes. This move has the potential to create extra headaches in the event of a robbery due to the possibly sensitive or confidential information now housed on home computers.

Crime statistics recently released by Budget Direct showed that between May 2020 and May 2021 4.3% of Australian homes were broken into and in 11.8% of cases this led to a confrontation between the intruder and victim. These statistics are almost double what they were between 2018-2019 and show that lockdowns haven’t led to a drop in instances of a home burglary. It’s more important than ever that your home security is up-to-date and that you and your possessions are protected at home. Don’t wait until your home has been targeted by a thief, update your home security today!

#1 Never, ever ignore a knock at the door

If someone knocks at your door or rings the bell always respond. This doesn’t mean that you have to open the door, it’s fine to shout through the door that you’re busy, just make sure that it’s clear that there is someone at home. Yes, it can feel inconvenient and unnecessary, but it isn’t worth the risk of finding yourself face-to-face with an intruder who has taken the opportunity to break into a home that they thought was uninhabited. Burglars often target homes during daylight hours when they are confident that there is no one at home, they usually check the home is unoccupied by knocking on the door or ringing the bell.

It’s also important not to blindly open your front door to a stranger. If you haven’t installed a security door, try to make a habit of always asking, “who is it?” before you open the door. This shows a visitor that there’s someone at home as well as forcing them to identify themselves so that you’re not opening your door to an unexpected situation. If you feel unsafe, it is perfectly ok to have the conversation through the closed door and request that any deliveries are left on your doorstep. Some convincer in Brisbane also can advise you in a better way how to secure your home and which doors we need to use. Must contact Conveyancing Brisbane team.

#2 Consider installing a security door or entrance enclosure

Quality security doors in Melbourne are a great feature to install at your home to improve your home security and personal safety while you work from home. With a security door, it is possible to open your front door to see who has knocked without actually opening or unlocking your security door and putting yourself in a potentially vulnerable position. A security door also acts as a visual deterrent to thieves, as an Australian Standards approved security door will present a more challenging obstacle for a burglar to breakthrough.

#3 Ensure your entryway is well lit

Ensure your entryway has lighting and is visible from the street. This will prevent anyone from approaching your door without being seen and will help to deter thieves from targeting your home for a break-in. Sensor lighting can be an effective and cheap way to improve your home security, as it prevents thieves from being able to access your home discretely as well as it is safer for your household coming and going from your home at night.

 #4 Don’t get complacent, even if you’re only going out for a short time make sure you lock up!

Thieves tend to be opportunistic, so even if you’re only going out for a quick run or doing a speedy trip to the supermarket, you need to make sure you still lock up properly. Statistics show that it generally takes less than five minutes for a robber to break into a home, so you can’t afford to get complacent or assume that a quick trip means that you won’t get broken into.

 #5 Ensure your cybersecurity is up to date

In the post-Covid-19 world, companies have had to get better at cybersecurity. Unfortunately, working from home does make it easier for cybercriminals to access internal networks as home connections are often less secure. It’s important to make sure that your cybersecurity is checked regularly and that you apply any necessary updates as soon as possible and report any suspicions to your IT department. You should also password protect and encrypt your home wifi.

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