Buying sunglasses is easy but the selection process may be time-consuming. Most buyers won’t mind spending a big splash of money on their new sunglasses and time is pointing that users must be aware of the right design and application. As sunglasses are mostly unisex but few sunglasses with butterfly and square-shaped frames may drive you mad with their generic design and gender considerations. This blog attempts to clear all doubts about sunglasses and their gender orientation.

Without making things clumsy, two questions are important to ask yourselves if you are buying any sunglasses.

  1. How to determine the right gender sunglasses?
  2. How to determine if the right gender sunglass would suit your face or not?

If both the questions settle with favorable answers, then only the buying process will commence. So let’s face the question one by one.

How to determine the right gender sunglasses?

Most sunglasses offer unisex solutions so as to fit both men and women. But as said earlier, some styles/designs and fashion delivers confusing elements that can confuse you also. Most women-specific sunglasses are easily noticeable. For example, they will feature added design, symmetry, or floral decoration with it. They may also feature jewels/crowns or shiny golden buttons to emphasize women and their beauty.

Breaking the stereotypes, many people have discouraged this habit of choosing gender-specific sunglasses as they found some that are quite fit enough with their choices. If anybody is appreciating your glasses when you wear them, it doesn’t matter anyway.

How to determine if the right gender sunglass would suit your face or not?

This is another complex part but we have kept it simple using a tabular format to let users know which face will suit what kind of sunglasses. Having the perfectly shaped sunglass helps to achieve a distinguishing status among the audience. From aviators to wayfarers, butterfly to rectangular, everybody loves to attain the persona of their favorite Hollywood celebrities donning their posh and detailed sunglasses.

It usually involves some detailed perception or measurements of jaw line and face length. You can do it yourself at home using a measuring tape or scale. However, once you have the proper measurements then you may proceed to see this table below and select the right shape and design of the sunglasses that will perfectly suit your face.

Face Shape Types of Sunglass
Round Rectangle, Square, or Wrapped/Shielded Sunglasses
Square Aviators or Butterfly
Oval It matches all kind of shapes or frames
Rectangular Wayfarer, Rectangle, Square, or Wrapped/Shielded Sunglasses
Heart Aviators, Butterfly, or Wrapped/Shielded
Diamond Oval or Wrapped/Shielded


5 Top-Selling Unisex Sunglasses To Buy In 2021

  1. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Gradient 001/3F: Made by Luxottica with category-2 UV protection formula, this Ray-Ban sunglass looks highly authentic with aviator design.
  2. Arnette AN4007 01: Plastic-fitted lenses with uncompromising durable wrapped frames allied with category-3 UV protection feature, this model was one of the most popular in last season and continues to impress users today also.
  3. Arise Collective X WWF ReefCycle Polarized Brown: With a mission to save marine wildlife in the Great Barrier Reef and upcycling lethal polycarbonate fishing nets underwater into high-end fashionable sunglasses, Arise Collective (native brand of global eyewear enterprise Vision Direct) has teamed up with WWF Australia (World Wide Fund for Nature) to fulfill its mission while delivering top-notch category-3 UV protection and impact resistant sunglasses
  4. Quay Australia QW-000527 ALL IN TORT/BRNFD: Featuring fade brown lenses, this model is effectively outmaneuvering top eyewear giants to deliver fashionable and quality sunglasses designed for the unisex purpose.
  5. Vuarnet VL0006 VINTAGE 0003 2136: Made for all-weather-friendly vacation or tourism purposes, this exotic-looking model is one of the top-selling sunglasses in the market with mineral lenses to bring perfect quality with zero distortion and acute optical transparency.

Shop your favourite sunglasses at Vision Direct where you can also add your prescription to ensure you have the best vision possible.


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